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Modern & Vintage Wishlists

My wardrobe will never be entirely vintage. Sometimes it bugs me, sometimes I'm grateful for it. Or rather, my wallet is grateful for it! Because it's become so popular in recent years, most of it has now surpassed my budget by miles. My Instagram and the blogs I follow are saturated with people that seemingly live a vintage lifestyle 24/7; setting their hair every night, wearing immaculate 1940s dresses & seamed stockings to do mundane things like food shopping, 1920s satin sleepwear & kimonos every night (or so it looks...)! I struggled to keep up for a while, and felt bad when I didn't feel like I was living up to some sort of invisible, unreachable standard that I had set for myself. For those who don't know me; I can get a bit self conscious/anxious about things that I'm "in to" (vintage, illustration, skincare/beauty as a small example). I feel like if I don't know EVERYSINGLETHING about subjects that I like I'm somehow deemed "not good enough". I know, it's completely cuckoo! And I'm beginning to see it now that I'm not working in a shop 9-5 and worrying/obsessing over things as much/having other peoples opinions flying about, I have a bit more room to breathe and think about myself. Can you tell I'm a natural born hermit?

And what has come out of this is that I feel like my style is beginning to change. I'm more comfortable with teaming vintage with modern pieces, even though it is sometimes difficult to find modern pieces that I like. They always end up being somewhat vintage inspired in cut or colour. I'm also not buying for the sake of buying any more. Although, that was a conscious decision that I made a couple of years ago. I now tend to only buy things if I feel they are good quality, ethical, if they are PERFECT (none of this "oh but it will do" it has to fit me like a glove!), if I'm really missing something from my wardrobe, AND, I think about it for a while. If I'm still thinking about something a few days later and dreaming up outfits that would go with said piece, then I go for it! This means that I don't feel bad when I "splash out" on 1 or 2 pieces every few months, because I know they will get a lot of wear. I also TRY to have a 1 in 1 out system, although that doesn't always work...!

Anyway! What this is leading on to is a little spring/summer wishlist of modern clothing & some vintage things that I'd like to keep an eye out for this spring/summer if the vintage goddesses permit! The first and second Polyvore (aww, remember Polyvore?!) sets below are modern, mainly from & Other Stories, Louche London and Eclectic Eccentricity . I can't decide between those two swimsuits for the life of me! The red one reminds me of the latest incarnation of Vera Claythorne from And Then There Were None. I loved all her clothes. Who watched it?! ...I know it was a while ago now. The other is just really a cute coral pattern and has an interesting cut out in the front.



tumblr_o3obutrtdz1u15jt3o2_1280Vera Claythorne

And these are some vintage pieces that I would like to find similar cuts/eras of. Maybe in darker colours (forever wearing autumnal colours). From my all time favourites to gawk at on instagram, in order of appearance; Millay vintage, Dear Golden and Adored Vintage

VintageI'd also like a vintage cropped varsity jacket, and if that doesn't sound too farfetched as it is; with an M on the back!