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Current Wardrobe Situation & Moodboard

And it really is a situation. I don't have room for an actual wardrobe in my apartment, so I currently have a rail in our bedroom: (not the most glamorous photos, I know...but lets be real)

To the left of the cubby hole thing is Harrys smarter clothing (i.e. shirts, trousers, ties), and then everything else is mine. These are ALL of my clothes. Apart from winter coats and what I'm selling/ need to take to charity, which is a pretty large chunk waiting in a suitcase in the shed for me to get my butt in gear and take it!

Basically - I'm bored of my wardrobe. I'd say three quarters of it I've had for 3 years or more, and while I do wear most of it, perhaps I need to have a real look of some of the more worn-out pieces... I am emotionally attached to a small number of things that I should really recycle. I sold a lot of my vintage clothing over the past couple of years, so most of it is "new" - but I'm not CRAZY IN LOVE with any of it! I work from home, so I went through a stage of "wow, I never wear any of this any more SELL IT!", and I'm not exactly regretting it, because in my head my style has changed, but I do feel like that certain interest is missing now.

I don't really know where I'm going with this... do I want to make a loose capsule wardrobe with a few good quality vintage pieces?  Do I start being more disciplined with recycling/selling/charity-ing something when I buy something new (a long way of saying one in one out)? Should I just chill out??!! (probably)

On the other hand, I definitely know that I want to support local businesses and makers more, wear more GOOD QUALITY vintage again (this is seemingly a hard thing to do in the UK - take me back to Laura Dols in Amsterdam!), not stick to a specific era, but just have a certain vibe going on, and buy things less often, but invest in pieces that will last me a long time.

Clockwise from top left: 12345 (images are also on my Pinterest)

I guess the above is what I mean by "vibe" - chore jackets, linen, vintage jeans, wide leg trousers and cotton lace. Ooh and I reeeaallly want a straw hat that fits me this spring/summer. I watched one of Kitty Cotten's youtube videos where she spoke about an adjustable fitting straw hat. THATS WHAT I NEEED! If anyone knows where I can get something like that in the UK - pleeeease tell me!

Stationery Week!

Out of all of the thoooousands of national days that plaster themselves all over social media on a weekly basis - this is one I can get behind! Having had a stationery addiction for most of my life, my home is constantly scattered with different stationery items that I use daily. In recent years I have toned it down a bit... I look for well designed and good quality items, I now ACTUALLY FINISH the notebooks that I buy before purchasing a new one, and wait until things have run out before spending hours on websites like Present & Correct. Okay fine, I do spend time on there even when I'm not buying things... but I have to fuel my addiction somehow, right?! So here are my current most favourite/most used stationery items, as well as a lil' Wishlist to finish things off (my birthday is in June, hinthintwinkyface).

Leuchtturm 1917 notebook, used as a bullet journal. I was going to buy their actual bullet journal, but the colour I wanted was sold out at the time, so I went for this instead! It also means that I can customise it a bit more to my needs as the weeks and months go by. It matches my Leuchtturm sketchbook as well which is always a bonus, but to tell the truth I'm not that impressed with the paper. It's very thin, so you can see what you've written on the previous page a little too clearly for my liking. It's especially bad if you use markers/highlighters. When I've finished this I'm going to search for a bullet journal with thicker pages! If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to know.

A purchase from Amsterdam last summer; the Kaweco Classic Sport clutch pencil. Kaweco is one of my favourite pen/pencil brands. They are all just so prettttyyyyy *insert crying emoji*. Harry bought the black and I got the white. It's short and chubby and I tend to use it in my sketchbook for the occasional expressive line. Harry uses his whenever there is DIY going on in the house, to mark where shelves/pictures will go etc. It's an all round lovely thing to use! Definitely makes me want to start a Kaweco collection. Perhaps I'll try one of their gel roller pens next...

A few things from the HAY shop in Bath. I was in Bath quite regularly over the past year and a bit up until recently, doing an interior design project. So of course I couldn't help but have a wander round HAY on more than one occasion! One of the last times I was there I bought their own brand ruler and pen, a Pentel "Colour Pen Fine Point" in a greenish grey colour, some washi tape (I can never resist washi tape), and a really handy DUX pencil sharpener. I'm super lazy with pencil shavings, so this keeps my workspace nice and tidy!

Muji pens! I used to have a green one but it leaked everywhere and got all over my Apple Pencil (now THAT was a drama) ...granted, it was a few years old, as these are. I tend to use these either in my bullet journal or to write in greetings cards with. They are nice and smooth and apparently, never run out!

A pair of scissors that I've had for years. These were a gift, and I think they are supposed to be fabric scissors. I did use them for fabric for the first few years of their life, but they were accidentally used for paper a couple of times and thats what they've been used for ever since! I'm sure if I sharpened them they would be fine for fabric again, but I like having them out in my pencil pot because they are so preeeetty.

And finally, my stationery Wishlist. Collected from two of my favourite stationery websites:

  1. Red Kaweco classic rollerball pen, Choosing Keeping
  2. Quitterie pencil case, Present and Correct
  3. Pen holder band, Present and Correct
  4. Clamp tray, Present and Correct
  5. Enamel stationery pins, Present and Correct
  6. Stamp wall planner, Present and Correct
  7. Large red koi celluloid pen case, Choosing Keeping

Do you have any favourite stationery or stationery websites/shops? Let me know so I can go and drool at more things!

Toast Late Autumn 2016 Lookbook

Ugh, Toast! You are breakin' my little heart this season! So many classic, comfy looking pieces. It's making me want Autumn REAL BAD. I've been making mood boards for my Autumn/winter style (yes, that is something I do almost every season) and Toast just fits it perfectly. Usually it's really difficult, once I've completed a mood board, to actually find any pieces of clothing that suit it, but this time: BAM!

I have my eye on the needlecord skirt in dark slate green and the soft spun merino pullover in crab apple, particularly. What brands have you thought "YES!" To this season?

All photos from their lookbook can be found on their website:

My Makeup Collection & Ultimate Wishlist

My current makeup collection isn't very big by apparently every other beauty bloggers/a lot of other people's standards, but I kinda like it that way. I think I'd feel really wasteful if I had drawers and drawers full of stuff. If something runs out, I replace it, but I don't tend to have more than one of most things. Apart from eyeshadow palettes & nail polish. Whoops. I keep almost my entire collection in the acrylic storage set below, along with my brushes in a little glass next to it in my shower room. I then have eyeshadow palettes in a drawer in my living room as they are too big for the acrylic storage. Not an ideal set up, but it will have to do while we live in such a small space. I've been thinking of getting a pedestal mirror (in my Wishlist below) and moving it all downstairs to the bedroom. The only problem is that it's pretty dark down there, so I'm not sure if it's the best place to be doing my makeup! These are aaaaallllll the makeup/beauty things in my Wishlist at the moment. Most of it is out of my affordability range, so it's going to take a lot of time to get my paws on most of these, but I guess that's the test to see if I REALLY want them or not! I found most of these through Vivianna Does Makeup and Killer Colours, my two favourite beauty bloggers. Whenever they suggest something I pretty much instantly want it.

  1. Becca Shimmering skin perfector in Moonstone
  2. Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer
  3. Isadora Build Up mascara
  4. Urban Decay Moondust single eyeshadow in Solstice
  5. Urban Decay Vice cream lipstick in Gash (ugh, that name though!)
  6. John Lewis pedestal mirror
  7. eco tools air dry brush
  8. Nars Satin lip pencils in Palais Royalle, Majella & Luxembourg
  9. Urban Decay Moondust palette
  10. Zoeva Rodeo Belle palette
Modern & Vintage Wishlists

My wardrobe will never be entirely vintage. Sometimes it bugs me, sometimes I'm grateful for it. Or rather, my wallet is grateful for it! Because it's become so popular in recent years, most of it has now surpassed my budget by miles. My Instagram and the blogs I follow are saturated with people that seemingly live a vintage lifestyle 24/7; setting their hair every night, wearing immaculate 1940s dresses & seamed stockings to do mundane things like food shopping, 1920s satin sleepwear & kimonos every night (or so it looks...)! I struggled to keep up for a while, and felt bad when I didn't feel like I was living up to some sort of invisible, unreachable standard that I had set for myself. For those who don't know me; I can get a bit self conscious/anxious about things that I'm "in to" (vintage, illustration, skincare/beauty as a small example). I feel like if I don't know EVERYSINGLETHING about subjects that I like I'm somehow deemed "not good enough". I know, it's completely cuckoo! And I'm beginning to see it now that I'm not working in a shop 9-5 and worrying/obsessing over things as much/having other peoples opinions flying about, I have a bit more room to breathe and think about myself. Can you tell I'm a natural born hermit?

And what has come out of this is that I feel like my style is beginning to change. I'm more comfortable with teaming vintage with modern pieces, even though it is sometimes difficult to find modern pieces that I like. They always end up being somewhat vintage inspired in cut or colour. I'm also not buying for the sake of buying any more. Although, that was a conscious decision that I made a couple of years ago. I now tend to only buy things if I feel they are good quality, ethical, if they are PERFECT (none of this "oh but it will do" it has to fit me like a glove!), if I'm really missing something from my wardrobe, AND, I think about it for a while. If I'm still thinking about something a few days later and dreaming up outfits that would go with said piece, then I go for it! This means that I don't feel bad when I "splash out" on 1 or 2 pieces every few months, because I know they will get a lot of wear. I also TRY to have a 1 in 1 out system, although that doesn't always work...!

Anyway! What this is leading on to is a little spring/summer wishlist of modern clothing & some vintage things that I'd like to keep an eye out for this spring/summer if the vintage goddesses permit! The first and second Polyvore (aww, remember Polyvore?!) sets below are modern, mainly from & Other Stories, Louche London and Eclectic Eccentricity . I can't decide between those two swimsuits for the life of me! The red one reminds me of the latest incarnation of Vera Claythorne from And Then There Were None. I loved all her clothes. Who watched it?! ...I know it was a while ago now. The other is just really a cute coral pattern and has an interesting cut out in the front.



tumblr_o3obutrtdz1u15jt3o2_1280Vera Claythorne

And these are some vintage pieces that I would like to find similar cuts/eras of. Maybe in darker colours (forever wearing autumnal colours). From my all time favourites to gawk at on instagram, in order of appearance; Millay vintage, Dear Golden and Adored Vintage

VintageI'd also like a vintage cropped varsity jacket, and if that doesn't sound too farfetched as it is; with an M on the back!