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Some New Makeup & Skincare Things

It's been a little while since I spoke about makeup on here. I went through a stage of being really openly interested in specifically cruelty free/vegan makeup & skincare, and then went a bit quiet about it! I can tell you I'm still only using cruelty free makeup and skincare, but ended up feeling a little weird about sharing the products I enjoy because I am not a professional in this field, and therefore felt like I wasn't authorised to be telling people what I thought was good or not. But then I realised... I'm not an "authority" on anything really, so why not just post about things that I enjoy. I'm SO GOOD at limiting myself, guys! Anyway, I'M OVER IT and back with a few new things I've been enjoying over the past few months.

1. Zoeva Graphic Eyes waterproof eyeliner in Nude Reflection. This eyeliner is soooo creamy and soft, blends out really well, has some sparkle, which is always welcomed in my book, and stays put on my somewhat oily eyelids. I'd really like to eventually buy the colours After the Disco (gold), Taupe (erm...taupe.) and Good Karma (jewel green).

2. Eyeko Black Magic mascara for "drama and curl" I'm not usually one for water resistant/proof formulas, ultimately because I am a lazy-bean, but I'm liking this one. Because its water resistant I don't seem to be having that much trouble getting it off, it separates all of my lashes and looks nice a wispy, and so far, isn't a clump-fest. Thumbs up!

3. L'Occitane Delightful Rose lip balm. I bought this on a whim while in Bury St Edmunds for work last week and I've been smooshing it on my lips like a maniac every day since. I'm a sucker for a rose scent, so I kind of wish this was a bit punchier in the perfume department, but because its 5% shea butter its making my dry wintery lips feel better. I like it more than the Burts Bees Ultra conditioning lip balm, but I still feel like I haven't found my favourite yet.

4. Nyx Butter lipstick in Rootbeer Float. I think this colour used to be called 'Pops' but it's since been renamed. Apparently its a good dupe for the Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in Dolce Vita, which I have been drooling over for a good couple of years now but its never in stock when I can justify buying it. The lipstick gods are saying NO! So I bought this instead. Its meant to be a warmish toned natural-rosey colour, but it sometimes looks a little mauve on me. I think thats because my skin is quite warm-toned so can turn anything like this mauve-y? I still like it though, and works well if I don't want to wear my usual red lips, but don't want to look pale as a ghost sans lipstick.

5. Milani baked blush in Luminoso. This is an oldie in the beauty blogging world, and I've only just discovered it! I looooove it. I haven't used another blush since I bought it last month. Its the lightest blush I've ever owned in terms of colour, but because its a warm-peach it gives my pale skin a healthy glow.

6. Neals Yard Remedies Rehydrating Rose daily moister. I'm having a moment with my skin right now. I came off the pill, then went back on it a couple of months later (don't ask!) and now my face hates my guts. I have no idea what its doing, so to top it off I thought I'd try a new moisturiser as well. You know, just overload it a little bit more, thats a good idea right? Right?? Probably not. But it's happened, so.... I've only been using this for a few days, so I'm going to give it a little time before I give my verdict on it, but so far I like it more than the "Nourishing Orange Flower" moisturiser I've tried from them before. That was meant to be for dry skin, but after 15/20 mins of applying it, I felt like I needed more because my face felt tight again. This one is for normal/dehydrated skin, and feels more "nourishing" somehow. Weird!

And thats it! I really cannot wait for it to be lighter for longer, I prefer taking photos in natural light and these winter months make it nigh on impossible for product photos.

Lip balm brand on my radar: Malin+Goetz - have you tried their lip balms? Are they any good? Please let me know!

Berry & Gold Eyes

I used my Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette in 3 colours for this look. 'Warm notes' all over the lid and under the eye, 'Pure Ganache' on the middle of the eyelid and underneath the eye, and 'Sweeter End' in the inner corners.Not exactly a summer look, but every time I go outside I see more and more leaves on the floor, conkers in the trees and warmer bronzed tones everywhere so I was inspired to create a fiery eye

  1. NYX matte but not flat foundation
  2. NYX HD concealer
  3. Besame brightening violet powder
  4. Sleek blush in Flushed
  5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Auburn
  6. Kiko pearly eye base
  7. Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette
  8. Revlon volume + length mascara (still looking for a good cruelty free one!)
Packing For Amsterdam

A long time ago (2010), in what seems like another life, I did a little packing post for when I went to Prague, it was pretty fun to put together, if not a little rough around the edges (cringe face), so thought I'd do another for Amsterdam! It's basically one massive "what's in my bag" I guess...the interesting stuff anyway. I'm not showing you my pants. I also need some luggage of my own, I've borrowed Harry's mums gold suitcase for this. It's gold though, so I'm not complaining. I'd love something similar to the Starlet range from Steamline Luggage, but a bit more realistic budget-wise. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know! Zissou just breaks my lil heart

  • Camera- My baby Olive - Olympus OM-D E-M10 with 25mm f1.8 lens. (Not pictured, as I took the these photos with it!)
  • My new Fjallraven Kanken mini as a camera/everyday bag. I know these are a bit cliche and boring, but it's hard to get a backpack that is small and doesn't make you look about 10 for 5"2 little me. It's also eco friendly and cruelty free, which is a big thing for me. When I started looking in to ethically made summer weight backpacks, the prices seemed to soar and they weren't really my style. I'm not sure this is my "usual" style either to be honest, but it's pretty cute! And the first sentence of their code of conduct is perfect: "The suffering of animals so that people can satisfy their needs is unacceptable" 5 stars!💫
  • Paul & Joe cosmetic bag packed with my current makeup favourites. This little guy is great because it has lots of pockets and a zip pocket in the lid which I'm using for jewellery. Aaaand it's cat print...can't resist.
  • One of my extremely recent favourite cosmetics that's coming with me is the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette. I only got this a couple days ago after finding it through trying to find something similar to ABH Modern Renaissance pallet, but without the crazy price tag, and soooo many people recommended it. I thought it over for a couple days but ultimately caved and bought it. I'm so lucky it arrived before we left! Of course, they are cruelty free, and also strive to help women in need. You can read more about this Here. I love finding and supporting brands that are passionate about doing good things like this, I will definitely be buying from them again.
  • And finally, clothes! But not too many. I want to pack light for this trip because I hear Amsterdam has a lot to give in terms of shopping 💸. I'm actually having a lot of trouble finding clothes that I like at the moment. I guess im not in love with what's in fashion and vintage is hard for me to get hold of right now. My wardrobe is the tiniest it has been in years because of it, it's like an accidental capsule wardrobe. I have to say, it's not fun! Hoping to possibly remedy this while I'm away.

Tot ziens, See you later!